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Methods to avoid termite infestation

First of all, to prevent termites, you need to be alert about it. Hence for termites control, you need to examine by probing the exposed wood for hollow spots, and you need to be able to identify termite swarm.

Sometimes people mistake ant swarms as termite swarms. You can make your space less appealing to termites by using a concrete foundation during the construction and leaving exposure to the air gap between the wood and the soil. All the exposed wood surfaces need to be covered by a sealant or by metal barriers.

For termites' control, there are both chemical and non-chemical methods available. In a non-chemical process, a physical barrier is put at the time of construction. Especially steel mesh and sands of particular sizes have been shown to achieve effectively as the physical barriers for termite.

The chemicals used are pesticides, which are commonly known as termiticides. These chemicals are only applied once they have proven that they provide the required structural protection before application. These are usually used on the building materials and for the wood treatment, which is going to be used in the construction.

If the termiticides are not used properly, they might lead to contamination of the home and surrounding drinking water. But the most convenient technique to control termite infestation is the soil-applied barrier treatment.