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Reasons for why mosquito breeding is controlled

There are many diseases like dengue, malaria, and zika, which are primarily spread by the bite of the mosquitoes; hence, mosquito control is essential to spread diseases among humans. It is a vital public health practice conducted throughout the world, especially in tropical areas where mosquitoes spread many diseases.

The mosquito's control operations are mainly targeted at the following three problems.

  •   People are bothered by the nuisance mosquitos to create at their homes or parks, or recreational areas.
  •   The mosquitoes economically reduce real estate value, affect tourism and related businesses, and negatively affect the livestock.
  •   Since they are carriers of various diseases, they are a threat to public health in general.

There are many processes through which the mosquitos are controlled and also depending upon the situations. A process like biocontrol, killing the larvae, source reduction, and killing of the adults are used to manage the mosquito population. These techniques are used by modifying the habitats, pesticides, or biological control agents.

The main advantage of using non-toxic methods is that they can be used in conservation areas also. Mosquitos breed in standstill water sources; hence source reduction is a simple method in which the water from the containers is periodically removed around the home. This leads to a reduction in the breeding ground for mosquitoes.